Catnip Flowers mainly offers two types of workshops: Private class (1:1) and group workshops, all taught by Joyce Lin, the Founder of Catnip Flowers, in her garden inspired style. We hope everyone who comes to the workshops can stress-free and truly enjoy floral design. Each year we also invite world renowned floral designers as guest speakers, with the intention of creating an inspiring floral experience and open discussion for people in different countries who all love flowers and beautiful things.

貓草花藝主要提供兩種課程:私人教學 (一對一) 與團體課程,皆由貓草花藝的主理人 Joyce Lin 教授她擅長的自然花園風格。我們希望每個參與課程的人都能擁有輕鬆愉快的時光、沈浸在花藝的美好。我們每年也固定邀請國際知名花藝師客座教學,主旨是希望讓身在不同國家的花藝熱愛者能擁有難忘的花藝學習經驗,並同時提供一個開放討論的機會。

Table flower arrangement tutorial with Catnip Flowers and New Favorite Day Event Planning. Videography: Amy Hung Films & Photography


Private Class (1:1) 私人教學

Our private class is only designed for YOU! Want to learn designing centerpieces? bouquets? installations? or any other topics, we are happy to customize the class for your needs.



Group Workshops 團體課程

We offer small group workshops occasionally (each class only takes max. 5 students to ensure the best experience for each student). Please follow us on Facebook for more information. Private group workshops are also welcome!

我們不定期推出小班教學課程 (以不超過五人為主,確保每位學生都能獲得最好的資源),更多訊息請密切注意Facebook。也歡迎公司團體活動邀請,貓草提供到府或定點教學服務哦!


2018 Taipei JENN SANCHEZ Still Life Master Class 花藝設計大師班:探討色彩與律動 (4/13-4/14)

A two day floral design course (taught by Jenn Sanchez) where students will learn how to use form, texture and color to create visually impactful work.

在這兩天的花藝設計課程中,美國知名花藝師 Jenn Sanchez 將指導學生如何利用型態、結構與色彩來創造出具備視覺效果的作品。